Charmaine in Spain!
"The Gaze"

Today, I saw a man violate a womyn with his eyes. He was crossing the street and the womyn was standing on the corner talking on her phone. I saw him notice her and I saw the look he had in his eyes. That familiar look I’ve seen many times; the look that pierces through you and does not see you but sees your body as something to be desired and had. As he noticed the womyn he changed his route so that he passed just inches from her, maneuvering his way between her and another person a few feet from her. As he passed her, his pace slowed and he so obviously turned his head and looked down at her body. I felt as if I heard his dirty thoughts as if he said them aloud. It disgusted me.

What disgusted me more was that, even though his actions were so blatantly obvious, no one seemed to notice. I noticed. I notice everyday when a man or other womyn (the latter is much, much less often though) gives the gaze to a womyn or myself. I can feel the gaze as I walk down the street. It’s a look that sees a womyn as an object, not a person.

In the moment I saw this man violate that womyn I thought to myself, “Damn, I shouldn’t be wearing such tight clothing.” Then I stopped walking and said, “FUCK THAT. I should not and will not modify how I dress because a guy can’t think of womyn as more than just sexual objects.”

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    truth. i miss my GWS classes.
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    power to the peaceful.
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